Finding Good Accommodation While Traveling

Majority of you would probably rather stay at the hostel that had this beautiful view, not the place where I found hair in my “clean” sheets. Am I right?

Lets face it, finding a place to stay while you’re traveling can be somewhat difficult. This is especially true if you’re on a budget and/or traveling solo. Most people want a clean and safe place to stay; preferably around landmarks, city centers, or near access to public transportation. If you’re anything like me, you struggle with all the possible decisions. Throughout my travels I have found a somewhat functional system to finding a decent place to stay. Today I  am going to share the system I use to finding decent and affordable accommodation while I’m traveling.

1. Chose a property type (hotel, hostel, airbnb, etc.)

Determining what type of property you want to stay at helps narrow down your search tremendously. Most people have a go-to, such as always staying at hotels. However, I tend to switch it up. My go-to is typically hostels, but if I am feeling sick or socially exhausted, I want a private room. Also, if  you’re traveling with a group of friends you’re going to want a larger place, making airbnb’s a better option.

2. Ask around/search for recommendations 

This may sound odd to some, but it works! Talking to someone you know who has previously traveled to the same place is a great way to get an idea on where to stay, where not to stay, and ideas on neighborhoods to stay in. If you don’t know anyone who has been there, doing a basic google (sometimes I use Pinterest for this) search and reading blog post is a great way to get a feeling about where you want to stay.

For example, when I traveled to Paris I searched for “safest hostels for female travelers in Paris”, where I read several blog post from fellow female travels. This helped me narrow down my search of places I wanted to stay at.

3. Use a travel website or app 

People usually love or hate using sites like these, but they generally have the best deals. In my opinion, using a site is easier because you can filter location and other amenities during your search. There are a plethora of options when it comes to which sites to use, so here is a list of the ones I most frequently use and have the best outcomes with.

  • Hostel – hostelworld 
  • Hotel – or
  • House or apartment – airbnb 
  • Couch –

4. Check out the WRITTEN reviews from people who have stayed there 

I know this sounds like a given, but you would be surprised. When you’re in a hurry to find a cheap place to stay, it is easy just to look and see a place that has 3 stars and think “oh that’s not too bad” … and then get stuck in a gross and sketch place. So please, just take a little time and get on tripadvisor, yelp, or google, to check out what people have to say about where you’re staying. It could save a lot of money and trouble. 

This blog post was not sponsored by any of the sites that I discussed, but it’d be nice if it were. Hope this helps on your future adventures. Remember to always let at least one person back home know where you’re staying and when you plan on leaving, it could save your life! Don’t forget to click on the top left sidebar and check out my social media platforms (: 

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One thought on “Finding Good Accommodation While Traveling

  1. I’m pretty much with you on this one. Travel apps/sites such as and hostelworld are great because of the filters although I wish allowed travellers to personalise filters for every search upon login. For example, wifi, non-smoking and a kettle are something I look for in every listing.

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