Sick in Amsterdam

Welcome back,

After getting to see one of my lovely friends before I left the U.K., I set off to the Netherlands. Oh my goodness, what a journey getting to Amsterdam it was. I traveled by multiple means of transportation just to get there, got sea sick for the first time in my life, and even witnessed a bus completely leave a passenger at passport check……It was a long 9 hours. None the less, I did arrive alive…..and sick. 

My first day in Amsterdam I was feeling miserable. I hadn’t slept, I was starting to get sick (but denying it), and I could not get to my room until 6 hours after I arrived. On top of it all, it was raining. Sounds pretty miserable, right? However, I made the best of it. I wanderer around the parks and canals taking in all the beauty the city had to offer, and boy was it beautiful. I decided to spend some money and take a canal boat ride, which I throughly enjoyed. The boat was packed when I got on, so I got stuck up front near the captain, which turned out to be fun. He informed me that he was once a “hippie backpacker” as well, and told me of all these cool cheap places to visit while I was here. He also had whit. The best thing he said was “I’ve never been to your country, but I like your people…..but I’ll admit, I do not like your president.”, that makes two of us my dude.  I didn’t do much else this day, just because I was so tired. I did manage to make it to a coffeeshop, before I slept for 18 hours straight (if you don’t know what coffeeshops are, I am not informing you haha). I met a cute pit mix there, named Seven…yes, I know. 

Somehow the next morning I managed to get a ticket to the Anne Frank House, which I was shocked about myself. This took up majority of my day (aside from food and coffeeshops), because I got lost trying to find it and it started pouring down rain right before my ticket time. It was all fine though, I managed to make it in time. That tour was such an overwhelming and emotional experience. To know what was going on in that house and the history and heartache it holds, was just a lot. I strongly recommend visiting the Anne Frank House, the museum and little movie was all put together perfectly. I cannot put into words how it feels to visit it. 

The next day is when I really started to feel sick. I tried to go sight seeing, but did not make it to as many places as I wanted to. I went to this Dolphin themed coffeeshop, which was pretty epic. I also ate at the Vegan Junk Food Bar, 10/10 recommend, even if you aren’t vegan. I did miss out on A’dam’s lookout and the icebar that my friend told me about. Pretty bummed, but I’ll be back. 

As you can tell by the title of this post, I got sick. I felt so awful. I could barely talk, I had no energy, my head was pounding, and my bones were hurting. I eventually made the decision to take a little break after I realized I was not getting no better from laying in bed and taking allergy medication. I was a bit sad about coming home to recover, but better to be healthy and go back in a few weeks than be miserable and waste money being there in a hotel room alone.  With that, my epic trip around Europe is currently on pause. I will be going back there later this fall and I will still be traveling full-time prior to that. Still keep coming back for travel adventures. Also, I still have other adventures from Europe to write about as well. 

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