Exploring Paris Alone

Welcome back and if you’re new, super happy you decided to take the time to read what I have to say.

So, today I am going to talk about Paris and why it wasn’t everything I thought it would be (it was still a great time, don’t get me wrong). I know I stated in a previous post that I was putting this post on hold because I “was going to spend some more time in Paris before leaving Europe”, but that was before I got sick and decided to go back home to recover.

I spent a full three days in Paris and it was pretty overwhelming at first (probably because I was alone and tired). I arrived early on a Friday morning, which sounds ideal, but really just meant I was going to be extremely sleepy and grouchy until I could check in at 3pm and take a nap. Also, having a limited French vocabulary while being alone made things a bit confusing, but I managed. After figuring out the metro system (which btw smells awful in the summer, apparently not everyone wears deodorant there??), I did some sightseeing, I saw the Notre-Dame Cathedral (of course I couldn’t tour inside because it is temporarily closed), the Luxembourg Garden, and the Pantheon. 10/10 recommend seeing all of these places, they’re free and easy to do solo (ya know, people aren’t looking at you weird for being alone at these places). However, this only took up my morning because it was all close together. So, after the small sightseeing adventure, I decided I would see if I could somehow check into my hostel early…..I could not. I was so tired (and in desperate need of a shower) though, so I decided to just hangout in the coffeeshop of the hostel until I could check in. Good idea, right? Wrong. I accidentally fell asleep trying to read (I regret nothing). Once checking in, I casually took a four hour nap. Once I finally woke up, I went on this casual night bus tour seeing all the major sights, but it was a little dissapointing considering it didn’t stop and allow you to get off, and one of the other bus goers was causing a scene with our live commentary. Other than that, it was a pretty good first day.

Notre-Dame Cathedra
The one stop the night tour allowed us to get off of (I look weird in this pic, but I’m owning it)

The second day, I had high expectations, considering I was well-rested. I did a hop-on, hop-off bus tour (apparently that’s my go to when I don’t know what else to do). I stoped and saw the Eiffel Tower (because how could you not??), took an outside tour of The Louvre Museum (because I’m slightly incompetent and didn’t buy tickets before my visit), ate at a lovely outdoor café, walked around Tuileries Garden (where there was this cute fair, not sure if it’s always there), and saw more things that I don’t even know the name of. I ended up being exhausted by that afternoon (which apparently it was just me adjusting to the time difference) and I went back to my hostel to nap. That night I went out to this cute little bar with some friends I made, which was fun, until a woman yelled at me in French and I still don’t know why, I don’t think I want to know. I didn’t let it kill my vibe though.

The third day I think I was over the city, don’t get me wrong it’s a great city with great people, but my limited french, the smell of the underground, and my distorted sleep schedule had me unamused. I tried though, the next day I saw the Arch of Triumph, window shopped, and took a canal tour (because someone convinced me it’d be fun). The canal tour showed me how dirty the canal’s are in Paris, which really disappointed me. It’s still beautiful, but it’s sad to see trash just floating throughout the water. After a full-day, I decided to head back to my hostel to pack up for my adventure to London the next day, where I got cat called by a man on the metro who knew no english….not amused. I just ignored it.

Overall Paris was okay, I just wish I wasn’t so tired while I was there and could’ve went back when I was well adjusted to the time and done more, but I will next time. I also wanted to add that I got cat-called a few times in Paris. I didn’t want to make it a main point of my post because I wanted to focus of the positive, but if you are a female traveling alone in Paris, just be aware that it is apparently common ( I know it happens all over the world not just in Paris, it just feels important to mention it when it occurs multiple times in the span of three days). I never responded (even when they would say something in English when I didn’t respond to the French). I was just annoyed by the patriarchy. Men, please stop cat-calling women.

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