One Day in Cambridge (U.K.)

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So, It has been a few weeks since visiting Cambridge, but that’s not going to stop me from telling you all about it (the whole one day I was there). While I am sure Cambridge is not a top destination for most, I went because I have a lovely friend who lives there and wanted to visit her. Of course, she showed me around the charming little city while I was there. Not to mention, we did do some of the most touristy things as well.

Getting there from London wasn’t bad, just an hour-ish train ride away! I got there probably around mid-day. The first thing we did (other than dropping my bags off at her place and catching up) was go eat. We ate at this cute little café place (pretty sure the name was Fitzbillies ), where we had afternoon tea and avocado toast. Turns out, afternoon tea is more than tea when you order it. You get a pastry, sandwich’s, and a scone as well. I was highly impressed with how tasty it all was.

afternoon tea

After eating, she showed me around all the colleges in Cambridge. I am gong to go ahead and break something down for you that I still do not understand fully about their system. Cambridge is the University, however they have many different colleges (which are all still affiliated with the university??). I know that sounds odd if you’re from the states because we call universities and colleges the same thing, but now you know. Back on topic….the colleges were so beautiful and rich with history. She would tell me the history of them from the tours she’d been on and it was so interesting. The most beautiful places here in my onion where the churches/cathedrals inside the colleges. I am not religious, but they were truly charming.

In the midst of sightseeing, we ran into rain trying to walk through a farmers market and shop. Which prompted spontaneous trips into random stores. We eventually made it to a coffee shop, after deciding caffeine was a must for us both. While there, we decided that we were going to go Punting. Which, is where you’re on a boat and the boat is being navigated by someone with a long stick pushing it into the mushy ground. I know there is a more technical and comprehensive definition, but that was me trying to put things in my own words.

Cute crystals from the market

While we were walking to go schedule a time to punt, there was a huge gust of wind that completely knocked over a tree onto a punch of other empty punt boats. No one was harmed, but you would think this sight would deter us from getting on the boat. It did not. We scheduled a time and got a drink while waiting. We shared out boat with some men who were having a bachelors party (also known as a stag night), which was so fun. They were a hilarious group and made my first punting experience great…until I realized we were in the middle of a canal with nowhere to stop and I had to use the toilet. It was fine, i made it. We ended the night with Thai food and drinks. While the Thai food was good, the service was awful. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant to warn others, but I do not. That night I was so happy to be staying with a friend and not in a hostel or hotel (shout out to her for letting me crash there), that I fell asleep so fast and hard. The next morning we had breakfast/lunch with a little event that her post-doc group held, which was cool. Got to meet some really awesome people from all over the world before setting off back to London.

I didn’t get a good photo while punting, so enjoy this photo of a bunch of strangers punting

I 10/10 recommend visiting Cambridge if given the chance. However, I get the vibe locals don’t love it when you act like a tourist. When I say this I mean, they don’t like it when you walk in the middle of the streets (which so many people do), park tour buses in the middle of the street, and stop in the middle of a walk way to take photos of things. Which I can’t blame them. So, be thoughtful of the locals when visiting.

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