My “Reckless” Travel Planning

Hi lovely humans,

I hope you are all doing well. You’re probably curious why I haven’t posted anything in almost a week, well I needed some time. I’ve been sick and needed some time to recover and figure out what has been causing it. I am going to a second doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully we figure out what has been causing all my problems. However, I also needed time to figure out what I was really doing with my life and all of these travel plans that seem to keep falling through. I am leaving again soon, but I am currently still on a travel break. Going abroad is somewhat expensive, so I am doing a few freelance projects before running back again. More of that in a different post! Right now, we are going to talk about how I plan my travels!

I named my blog “reckless” for a reason….I am an awful planner and I have always been. I will get an idea in my head of where I want to go and I’ll just go (I do this with moving sometimes too). However, I am trying to introduce a little bit more planning into my travels so I can actually see EVERYTHING I want to see. I have recently made a section in my notebook dedicated to trip planning. I have discovered the best thing for me is brainstorming of where I want to go. I wrote a random list of all the countries I wanted to visit this next year, I then colored them to region. Next, I am planning by region….how long I think it will take to visit all those countries in that region, how much I estimate it will cost, and top activities. I don’t reserve for anything, because I am not 100% what dates I’ll be there (progress with planning, not perfection). I also typically book my accommodation on the way to the airport or at the airport.

Example of my brainstorming (I know things are spelled wrong, I wrote fast. Don’t judge)

I also use pinterest for ideas. For example, I have a lot of boards with destinations I want to go to. I also have a lot of screen shots of destinations and activities from instagram and other blog posts. When I start deciding where I want to go, I revert back to these things to see what I want to do while I am there. It probably sounds like a mess to people who actually plan, but it works for me. I like wandering most of the time that I am traveling, so this gives me the freedom to do that and see top sites.

Example of my Pinterest planning (I know I am not organized)

Speaking of wandering aimlessly. I am currently trying to turn my suv into a tiny home or camper for domestic travels when it gets cooler outdoors (let’s be real, car camping won’t be fun if it’s too hot to sleep in) and Pinterest has been a lifesaver for ideas on making a bed/storage/etc. for this. I have an entire board dedicated to it! I am still planning where I want my car travels to take me. I am also in debate if I will be brining my pup with me. It would be nice to have company, but I worry what to do when I need to visit places that my dog isn’t allowed. If anyone has any advice on that please let me know!

Testing out different organization ideas, currently

I hope this posts has shed some light about how I travel without all the effort of travel planning. I know a lot of people will probably cringe knowing how I plan, but like I said, it works for me. Leave a comment letting me know how you plan your trips? Do you use a travel planner? Plan months or weeks ahead of time? Or do you just up and go?

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One thought on “My “Reckless” Travel Planning

  1. I loved this blog! I’m exactly the same! I just go with no plans in place whatsoever. But, like you I’ve started to plan things better so I can see everything I want to see 😁

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