Why I Took A “Travel Break”

Welcome back my lovely friends,

At this point you probably forgot this blog existed, I have been so MIA lately and I sincerely apologize. However, it happens. Sometimes It is important to take a travel break (and sometimes that travel breaks turns into you getting sick and then spiraling into a depressive episode). But hey, life happens.So if you’re curious to how I spent my travel break and why I think it is important to take one, please keep reading.

The reason I decided to take a “travel break” was because I came back from Europe super sick and it seemed like the appropriate thing to do to recover. Which if anyone is sick I strongly recommend taking a break. I also thought it may be helpful to take some time to try and plan for future travels. I am pretty sure you can guess that travel planning has not been taking up majority of my time. So what am I doing exactly? Well, taking a travel break is so incredibly important (no, you don’t have to take one as long as I have, which turned into way longer than I wanted…a week or two would be the most ideal). It gives you time to recover and rest from your last trip and it also gives you more time to get ready for your next trip and see friends. ALSO, YOU SAVE MONEY (most of the time).

Majority of my time back at home has been spent recovering from sickness and getting sick again and then falling into a depressive episode because I spent way too much time alone in my bed feeling like crap. I hate it, but it happens. Given all the time I spent alone self-care has been a super important factor. I even bought a bunch of self-care type things from the dollar section at target to help me feel better about not doing anything for WEEKS. Which it did help me feel a little better to an extent. Also, baths. My body was hurting for what felt like forever. So crystal baths with essential oils and salts were very important, clearly.

Keeping with the self-care theme, I tried to stay active even though I didn’t feel it. This meant getting out in nature, yoga, going to the gym, and even hooping. It’s safe to say that I wanted this to be an opportunity to get fit as well, which I didn’t. I think I gained 5 pounds.

Proof I went outside at some point in the last month

Aside from being miserable and trying to make myself feel less of a useless member of the world, I visited friends (sometimes I even got to take weekend trips to see them). I spent a lot of much needed time with my furry friend too. I think it’s important to always go back and see people if you’re traveling full-time, it can get super lonely out there when you are traveling solo.

I did not ask my friends if I could post pictures of them on here, so enjoy this picture of my doggo Delilah

As you can probably tell, I have not had the most exciting experiences in the past month and I am more than ready to start exploring again. On top of all these uneventful things, I have also been working. Not like a “real” job, but doing freelance work and selling all of my stuff so I can put it all in my SUV and travel across country when I am not abroad. Sounds fun, right? Will living in my vehicle to travel be as much fun as it sounds? Stay tuned because as soon as my amazon delivery for a few essentials comes in, I am off!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully next time you check back in I am not a depressed wishful traveler with boring stories, but rather an adventure traveler with funny stories.

Until next time


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