Adjusting to “living” in my car

Hello lovely humans. I hope you are all doing swell.

Great news, I finally finished converting my 2006 Saturn vue into a “home on wheels”. It took awhile and was frustrating when things didn’t work out how I thought they would in my head (like making the dang window shades), but it got done and it looked pretty cute! I have clothes, food and cooking supplies, a bed, hygiene stuff, cleaning supplies, emergency things for if my car breaks down, a yoga mat, and more (with some room for more too). I am really proud of how my little home turned out and seriously could not wait to start staying in it.

Instead of being a responsible young adult and planning, I just kind of blindly took off with a very vague idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, which turned out not to be as much fun as planning it all would have. What a learning experience. I didn’t make it far the first night before I needed sleep. So I downloaded this nifty app called AllStay and it tells you which Walmarts let you stay overnight. I found one somewhere in Virginia (I think) and tried to catch some z’s….only I didn’t sleep well at all. It was a 24-hr store, so people where constantly driving by and some had loud music, so sleeping soundly was not an option, but I managed….until one of my shades started to fall apart and I had to use the restroom, then got frustrated and decided to hit the road again.

The next day I was a bit grouchy from not sleeping much, which made me anxious on top of being excited so I had a lot of anxiety, which was not ideal. However, I managed and ended up driving to Maine that night. Only the drive felt like it was going on forever because of all the traffic. My phone took me through New Jersey, NYC, and Boston…..which turned out to be the most exhausting part of my drive thus far. But I made it and it was worth the drive, or that’s what I keep telling myself.

You’re probably wondering how I showered and all of that fun stuff, well, I stopped at a plant fitness and did a little workout and used their showers afterwards (which they have all been pretty clean so far). Which sounds like a good idea, only I really just wanted to shower and sleep, but I tried my best not to draw attention to myself and forced myself to have a bit of a workout. I also found that I was super paranoid about people watching me while I like got clothes out of my car or if i was doing my makeup, brushing my teeth with a water bottle close by, or some basic stuff…. because I mean it’s pretty obvious I’m living/staying out of the setup. However, it doesn’t matter what people think or if they stare, that’s something I am still getting used to.

Maine was so beautiful, even though I didn’t stay long. My second night there I ended up finding a campground to stay at and I slept I think 12 hours straight….the best sleep I have got in a long time, it was so peaceful. However, I picked such a busy weekend to go that I didn’t have much fun because it was so crowded and I don’t like doing things solo in big crowds (I feel like that’s understandable though), so I cut the Maine trip short saying I would go back again soon when it wasn’t so busy and I headed off to visit a friend who lives in Massachusetts.

The drive to Massachusetts was pretty and only half as stressful as my drive to Maine. I enjoyed the colors of the leaves changing the most. It was nice to see my friend and have someone to go out to eat with! There’s a lot more I wanted to do in the region, but I was so frustrated with not planning and crowded people that I couldn’t do it. I am now at a coffee shop in New York close to Niagara Falls where I am going to try to plan my next few adventures so I don’t get stuck in situations that cause me anxiety again. All this anxiety has kept me from keeping you guys updated regularly, but I promise we are going to get that under control!! Stay tuned to see how it all works out and don’t forget to follow my social media accounts for daily updates.

Until next time.

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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