Hygiene On the Road

Welcome back lovely human beings,

Today I wanted to make a short blog to talk to you about something I don’t see many people who are dwelling in their cars and vans talking about and that is….hygiene. When I first took the step of doing some well thought out research about how I was going to be super hygienic while living in my car and doing outdoorsy stuff…..I found a simple answer….a gym membership. Seems simple enough, until you bring your dog along for the adventures with you or you’re nowhere near a gym in the middle of a national park and it’s too cold to use their campground showers. Sure brushing your teeth in your car with a bottle of water is reasonable and maybe even taking it to the next level and going into a gas station to wash your face…..but what do you do when you can’t shower. So here is a well though out list of how ways in which I shower (or have thought about showering)

  1. The obvi and already stated – gym membership. I have had a planet fitness membership for awhile, so using it to shower after workouts was easy enough. However there are moments when I am not near a planet fitness or I don’t want to leave my dog in the car while I go in to work out and shower.
  2. Campground showers – another simple idea. I did this in Maine, but it was so incredibly cold that I did not want to do it again. However, in a warmer climate I wouldn’t mind.
  3. Friends house – simple, but be realistic and don’t over welcome your stay.
  4. Travel Centers like “Loves” or “Pilots” – I know this isn’t an ideal situation and I haven’t tried it yet, but it hey it’s a clean shower.

Okay so now that we’ve talked about places to shower. I am going to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the logistics of how often I shower……which was everyday, until I got my dog. I know, I know, gross. Hear me out though, we didn’t do much the firs few days and I still brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on deodorant, and even wiped off some smelly areas with baby wipes. I feel like as long as you don’t smell and feel clean you’re doing it right.

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website. therecklessnomad.com

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