Life Update:

Hello lovely souls,

I hope everyone had a wonderful time during their Holiday season! Life has been moving really fast for me lately and I could not be more grateful for how it has all turned out. These changes have caused me to be a bit inactive recently and thought I would give my people a little update on what I have been up to!

The biggest life change has been that I moved. No, not moved to a different state in my car to travel….rather, I moved into an apartment! I have been a little hesitant to broadcast this too much, because my blog has been so focused around travel and I don’t want to scare you lovely souls away. However, I am still going to be traveling, just in shorter increments. I cannot give you a solid answer to why I decided to temporarily “settle”, it is all very complex. I didn’t plan any of it, it was all the universe (or whatever you believe puts you in certain places at certain time).

Along with the move, things have really been falling into place for me. I got a temporary job, just to keep social and save some extra money (for future travels of course). I am also getting to complete a few things I started two years ago before I went on this travel escapade at the end of 2018. Which, is truly wonderful for me.

On top of all these amazing things, I have so many kind and loving souls in my life currently. Some of them I lost for a while when I went on my travel escapade and quarter-life crisis, for good reason. Having them back is such a wonderful feeling. I am so content and cannot wait to share this new piece of my life with all of you!

For those who haven’t noticed, I am also starting to add in some mental health posts in my blog, because that has been such a huge part of my life. It is also a huge influence to why I personally traveled and love traveling. Traveling is like therapy for me sometimes, as I think it is for many people.

I am excited to see where 2020 takes me and this blog! I would love feedback and to include you all in it! If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to reach out! In the meantime, follow my instagram @therecklessnomad for daily updates (I promise I will start being more active now that I am settled and the holidays are over with!).

Lots of love to you all!

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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