From L.A. to Bangkok – unplanned

Howdy friends. Hope everyone is enjoying their week (or enjoyed it, depending on when you’re reading this). After deep contemplation on what I am best suited to write about, I am going to tell you all about the story of how I managed to survive my first day of a trip to Thailand that I didn’t really plan. *side note, my friends think this story is funny, but I’m not sure how funny it will be in a blog format (:

A little bit of a backstory….I sometimes have a habit of randomly looking at international flights, just to see if I can find cheap ones at a random time in the future. I was doing that one day (ignoring all of my responsibilities) when I found a cheap round trip flight from LA to Bangkok…..and I jumped on the opportunity. The only catch was that the flight left in less than 48 hours. Was I going to be prepared? no, but is anyone ever really prepared? Obviously, it didn’t stop me from doing the thing.

The day before my trip me and my friend took a little stroll to the local bookstore where I bought a lonely planet guide to Thailand. I told myself I would read this book on the flight. Safe to say, I did not…I ended up having to change my seat and the flight attended felt bad, so she gave me free drinks and then I slept my entire layover in Japan.

You’d think, like any normal functioning adult, I would have used the layover time to plan at least a little bit. And I did, sorta. I used the wifi to find a hostel….I chose the cheapest one with the best reviews. I saved the address and what not on my phone and felt prepared.

Fast forward to me getting to the airport in Bangkok and realizing I had no idea what I was doing. It was only my second time traveling internationally, so safe to say I struggled. Luckily, most international airports have prepaid sim cards so you can have cell phone service. Which, I failed to purchase at that time. What did I do instead? The hard thing, where I used the airport wifi to google mad transit directions to my hostel and screen shot the directions step by step.

It was when I went to buy my train ticket that I realized I never truly learned how public transportation works (I grew up in Alabama, where that isn’t really a thing, but I have since learned). However, the universe is always working with me and I met another girl who was backpacking and we helped each other figure it out. Grateful for her, hope you are doing well girl!

On the train I met this humorous older man who is originally from the states, but has not been back in what he said “15 years”. He gave me some ins and outs of Thailand and told me I should greatly consider buying land and staying here…..I did not.

Somehow I managed to get off the train at the right stop and thats where things get wild. Me being….me, I did not book my hostel in a touristy spot, nope that would be too basic and simple. It was off the beaten path and I had to wonder though side streets and ally ways to get there. I even wandered through this cool local street fair. Where I was too scared to stop and buy anything.

Photo taken on my walk to find my hostel…it was a pretty long walk

Safe to say I safely made it to my hostel. Where these sweet ladies told me to stop traveling alone and I did not listen and kept doing it. I don’t truly understand the point of me sharing this story, but I hope someone finds it inspiring or funny. Either way, let it be a tool to just take a leap of faith and do a thing. Get out of your comfort zone and just do what feels right. The universe has got you.

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