What I’ve been up to – pandemic edition

Howdy howdy internet friends,

It’s been awhile and I have missed creating new content for the same 7 people who check out my blog. It’s probably a good disclaimer to remind you guys that it has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post, so my skills have taken a hit (haha). For whatever reason, you guys voted and I felt the need to explain myself and give a little life update on what I have been up to lately since I have been staying quiet. However, I feel the need to address the state of the world and how that has effected what I am up to right now.

*this is your warning if you want to skip the next paragraph addressing societies problems*

It’s safe to say things are really weird right now, and not in a completely good way. While I do not wish for that to be the focus of this post, I would like to address that things are wild and that most of us are struggling and picking up on the devastating energy being put out in our society and the world currently….which is impacting our mental health and how we act in the world (and sometimes we don’t ever realize it). There’s so much chaos to talk on about in the world and there are so many people speaking out and taking action based off of it. With that being said, I have chosen to be quiet in a lot of ways and take action into my everyday life for positive change because sometimes noise is just noise and I would rather manifest joy than hate (I recognize the privilege in that and am grateful). Again, I don’t want this to be the focus of my post because there are so many people speaking out about things and they can convey it way better than I could, but I do feel as if It is important to say something, and that’s that black lives matter. I encourage everyone do your research and take acton in your everyday real life not just on social media. Alrighty, so now that we’ve addressed the state of the world, we can probably all acknowledge how rough it has been on everyones mental health. A lot of us are feeling it deep in our soul for an infinite amount of reasons, I know have and some days it’s really rough.

So what have I been up to with all this chaos in the world? Clearly not traveling like I used to. Mostly because of travel bans and nothing being open. However, I have immersed myself into yoga and am in teacher training (such a weird time to be learning how to teach in a world where the studios aren’t even open). The philosophy has been a major portion of the training for me and honestly, that’s what is keeping me going at this point. There is so much that I am learning from it that is relevant for me in healing on a personal level and It’s all just really fascinating to me and is what has been helping me the most. I love it so much and am deeply considering a way to incorporate that into this blog. Aside from that, I really haven’t been doing much. Hanging with roommates and friends (mostly virtually) and trying to find beauty and joy in the smallest places. There have been lots of days sun bathing, park days, kayaks, skating, and an infinite amount of uno games. Now that our society has partially opened up, there’s a little more entertainment in my life, but it still feels weird. It also feels weird foe me because this is the longest that I have been in one place in my adult life (thanks pandemic). It’s teaching me some lessons, forcing me to heal from things I avoided and it’s just bringing me a lot of joy and security at the same time.

The past few months haven’t been all light for me (as I am sure they haven’t for many). It has been no secret that I struggle with my mental health and the state of the world has taken a toll on my mental health and caused me to take a step back from my blog and really try to work on myself. It’s hard right now and I have good days and bad days, but the important thing is not to lose hope. I know that is so freaking cheesy to say but, it’s true. It’s so easy right now to be grumpy and angry, but anger breads anger and hate breads hate. It takes so much more to try and do the right thing in a calm and compassionate way right now, but I am trying and I hope everyone else is too. I hope you guys are staying hydrated and trying your best to take care of your mental health.

Clearly this hasn’t been the most interesting or entertaining post that I have written about, but you guys voted for an update on my insta yesterday and I also felt the need to explain the long stint with no post. I am entertaining the idea of changing around the theme of my blog, because as the world is changing, my focuses and passions are changing as well. While I still love to write about my passions and will always keep traveling and mental health in my blog, I may add some yoga or holistic things and see where it goes.

Anyway, there’s an update on my life haha I’ll be sure to share more and keep you guys

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Shout out if you made it this far ❤

Stay safe. Be kind.

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website. therecklessnomad.com

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