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Greeting friends of the inter web!

Cheers to starting a new trip around the sun. In light of new things, I thought I would try this new thing where I just write about whatever comes to my mind, share guided meditations, and more fun/creative stuff. Since this does take up a little bit more of my time, I’m sharing it only with a purchased subscription. So feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. As well as leaving feedback and comments (:

Now, back to the new year. I feel a lot of us humans thought energy would start to shift back to “normal” during the new year. I think it’s safe that we all assume at this point things probably won’t “go back to normal”. Everything feels mucky and dark, like the hope has been drained out of so many people. It’s kind of like most of us feel like we’re in this big waiting game of “oh what do I do until things go back to normal” or “I can’t do it how I like, so why would I do it?. And that’s kind of the ramblings in my mind today, changing old perspectives to new ones. Especially in relation to how we see the world right now.

I get it, a lot of us had things we did that made us happy that we can’t do now and if we can do it, it’s not the same. I know wearing a mask can suck, but it’s winter and kind of cozy now. Things just overall are different and a lot of us are still attached to the way things were because of comfort, familiarity, fear, etc. It’s like we would rather do nothing, since we can’t have what we enjoyed before….. But, If there is one thing I learned the last year, it was that you can’t hold onto the good, just like we shouldn’t hold onto the bad. It all just creates more pain that we don’t need. Any of my fellow yogis know the klesha I’m talking about.

Kind of like how when you pick up a bad habit, and you know every time you do it it’s bad…. but you rationalize it with having a bad day/needing it and do it anyway, then you start doing it more and then shaking that bad habit slowly gets harder and harder to shake until maybe it spirals into an actual problem. You get so attached to it, it becomes more painful until it consumes you. “positive attachment” works kind of the same way, especially when it is an attachment that is no longer feasible….it’s going to create way more pain trying to grasp that attachment….because you can’t have it anymore.

I get it though. There are a lot of things I miss, but I also feel like there are a lot of new things to gain and learn from doing things in a new way. Maybe I’m just rambling and trying to sound inspiring. Regardless, I think a new year is a good time to start shifting new perspectives on things. Maybe it’s not the end of the world. Maybe everything hasn’t gone to garbage. Maybe, just maybe, we all need to open our minds and hearts a little bit more to the good that can come from everything.

If we live in a world of what was and not what could be, we’re not really living.

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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