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Hi again, friends. I’m Haley, welcome to my “about me section”….which feels like a weird section since I’m a yogi and labels and who I think I am shouldn’t matter ;p. Any who, get ready of a novel of rambles……I am a twenty-something free spirit who recently started teaching yoga. Previously a grad school drop-out, with high hopes of an academic career studying criminal justice. Or a life off the grid in a foreign country… But ya know, not everything we hope for in life is for us.

I’ve always had a wanderlust spirit, my first cross-country road trips happening as a teen. In my early twenties I wanted to explore the world more, with a romanticized idea of finding my soul. Which is exactly what I did. Taking my first trip abroad alone at 22 to Nepal. On that trip the travel bug bit me, and I couldn’t sit still and ended up on a crazy few year stint of wondering. Within that journey I have struggled a lot with my mental health (bpd, ptsd, and bipolar II), roaming around recklessly in response to mood swings and big emotions. Roaming around the world has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone and lead me to have some incredible experiences. However, my mental health was a constant battle and at some point, I found I was running from myself (and the big emotions I didn’t want to feel) and not to experience the mysteries of our little world.

Lucky for me, after lame attempts in the past, 2020 I landed my feet in a year of yoga teacher training. Instead of yoga being something I fell in and out of practicing every few weeks…I was emerged in it for a whole year(& still am). While the entire world was on lockdown, I so luckily got to spend time practicing, learning, and having a virtual yogic community. I can honestly say, it was an incredible experience and gave me some of the most profound self-realizations that I’ve ever experienced. I am so-so grateful for that experience.

Choosing to do teacher training was a little selfish, I mostly wanted to learn more about yoga because I knew it could help with my mental health. I thought learning it on a deeper level would help give me more insight for myself, I guess. Then again, sometimes we just are pushed to do things with no clear understanding to why, but just have to trust it. I can say my mental health has greatly improved over the course of consistent practice the last year. I can also say, my intentions with teaching yoga are now not selfish, but wanting to share what has helped me, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

My mental health is still an uphill battle. And I think some of that is just a part of being  a human. As I practice and teach, I find more insights on how to cope with my mental health struggles, how to get out of my mind. How to be kinder and gentler in the world. These days I am a little more rooted in one spot, mostly because of the pandemic, but a lot emotionally open. I mostly spend time at the yoga studio, writing, or doing something crafty with my roommate.

In the eight-limb practice of yoga, there are the niyama’s (inward “practices” observances). One of these niyama’s is svadhyaya (self-study). For me, writing out my thoughts, experiences of this blog is a form of self-study. A form of self-study that keeps me honest.

There are a lot of reasons to this blog. I write about my life, which is a lot of yoga, travel, and mental health. Not to romanticize my life as something great, but to give space for me to express how I feel. To give tips to others. To show the struggle. To show that anyone can be a yogi, practice is practice. To show how yoga is related to everything we do in life. To give space for more than just asana yoga. To show that being mentally ill or being “broken” isn’t something hopeless or bad. To give space for those big feelings or emotions that just can’t go anywhere eles. To give hope. To inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and feel something. To share, because sharing can help others. To connect to others who can relate, because connections is all apart of the human experience.

Regardless if you relate to my journey or not, I hope your short time visiting you can at least take something positive away. I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit more about me. I hope to see you along the journey(:

❤ Shanti

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I’m not.

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