Hello to all of you beautiful souls!

Welcome back to some more insightful venting, with tips at the end. I know it’s cheesy and we’ve all heard it before, but self-love/self-care is such a huge part of our mental health. If you’re anything like me, it sounds rational, until you think of ways to practice that. Or until you realize you have to truly prioritize yourself.

This past weekend, I’ve been all about self-love and self-care, trying anyway. Lately I have been giving energy to my anxiety and worries and not to myself. We’re flipping that though.

I think I’m still learning how to love and care for myself in all the ways I need. After-all, it’s kind of like all of us adults are our own personal tamagotchi’s. It’s easy to get wrapped up into the idea that self-love and self-care is all bubble baths and face masks (it was for me yesterday), but it is so much more than just that. It’s about loving ourselves so deeply that we care enough about ourselves to truly help make ourselves thrive. Okay, okay, maybe that was a little cheesy, but you know I’m right.

My weekend has consisted of bumble baths, face masks, cleaning, lots of hydration, yoga, and just enjoying the small things. AND it is helping!

I know it can be hard. The self-love/self-care train. Especially if you have something serious going on or you have a brain that doesn’t like you all that much. There are days where we feel like we don’t deserve it or think we have to give our love to someone else first. Newsflash – just like when we’re on a flight, we have to put our oxygen mask on first before we help anyone else with theirs. So I’ve put together some simple tips and tricks that help me practice self-love on the regular, so hopefully you can be inspired or encouraged to love yourself as well. These are in no specific order.

*gentle reminder I am not a doctor or mental health care professional, only sharing simple things that have helped me.

1. Hydrate

Yes, drink some water my friend. We are humans, which means we are made up of like 60% water. Over half of our physical existence is water. Drinking some H2O is such an essential form of caring for ourselves. So if all you do today is drink water, you’re still taking care of yourself.

2. Tidy up your space

I don’t know about you, but my room accidental turns into a “depression lair”. Laundry and old iced coffee cups kind of take over, leaving me feeling icky. Keeping your space and home semi-tidy are a great form of self-care. I mean after-all, if we’re not living in a space that feels refreshing, we’re not going to feel refreshed and rest properly. I’m not saying your home should be perfect or that you should feel bad if it isn’t. I’m just saying maybe try to put away that pile of laundry, see how it makes you feel.

3. Move your body

I know, I know…..we all know exercise produces endorphins which make our brain feel better. You don’t have to move your body in any extreme amount of way. Go for a walk, dance, practice yoga, heck even go walk around the grocery store…..anything to just get your body moving. It’s so easy for us to get stuck in how we mentally feel, sometimes we forget how our physical body plays a direct role in that.

4. Hygiene

Sometimes when we’re lacking self-care we forget or find it impossible to small tasks. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with depression. Try taking a shower, doing extra little things (yes, face masks and bubble baths), lotions, clean clothes, etc. A super cheesy thing I like to do is have “spa” days with me and my dog. I do a face mask and paint my nails, while I put some extra paw butter and paint my pups nails as well. It makes things a little more fun sometimes.

5. Hobbies

This a broad topic, but doing things you enjoy (or typically enjoy when you’re not feeling so eh) can really improve your mood and self-esteem. It’s just food for you. Maybe you listen to music, paint, take a day trip, read….you get my point. Our hobbies are so essential in our lives, sometimes we forget.

6. Sleep

I bet you didn’t think this was going to be here. Seriously though, sleep is so heavily linked to how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m not saying you should sleep all day. However, sleep hygiene is something to take note of. Trying to get a consistent amount of sleep over a consistent amount of time can really show your body how much you love it. For some of us that’s 8+ hours a night, every nights. For others, it’s a frame 6-7 hours around the same time of night, most nights (or days if that’s what your work schedule is like).

7. Taking care of your “Errands”

Probably one of the least talked about things with self-care is the acceptance that to love ourselves fully, we sometimes have to do things we don’t love doing. Paying bills, cleaning out our car, scheduling doctors appointments, going to work, etc. We push them off because we dread doing them, but in the long run it’ll be so so much better for you.

Self-care and self-love is more than these 7 little things, but some days having somewhere to start can help spread that love to all the areas we need it. Remember that you can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy, sometimes it doesn’t feel like we get to chose, but we do. Somedays that choice is so small and mundane, we miss it.

What do you do for self-care??

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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