Creating a Playlist for your mental health

Hello my friends of the internet,

I hope everyone’s week is going as best as it can. I know we’ve all been collectively struggling lately, but we’ll get there. I know I’ve been having “one of those days” for what feels like weeks on end now. You want to know what is getting me through it? music. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to music helping us. For me the expression of what I’m feeling being put into music helps me to not feel so alone. So thankful for the artists who are willing to turn those vulnerable feelings into something creative for us. Feeling inspired by this and other mental health bloggers discussion on music helping them, I wanted to give some tips related to music therapy.

Music therapy is a broad term, I know. Music can help in so many ways and is a big part of the human experience. I want to specifically discuss and give advice on creating a playlist that is geared towards flipping your mood around to something more positive. AKA, not getting stuck in a crappy feeling. It’s something I learned from a music therapist in a PHP (partial hospitalization program) a few years ago and it has helped me a lot. Although I am not a music therapist, I feel like the advice is important for others to know and have. 

Essentially, the idea is to start listening to music based on how you’re feeling (angry, sad, etc.), but only for a song or two and then slowly progress to more “upbeat” songs so you don’t get stuck in that low feeling space. And Y’ALL, being someone who believes that everything has energy and effects our energy, this makes so much sense.

I am going to break down the process I use and give my own examples below. However, given the time it takes for me to break down and explain my tips, I am keeping them in my premium subscribers section (hidden gems) so subscribe to learn the process and get examples below. (:

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