Yoga & creating good things

Greeting creatures of the internet,

lately I’ve been spending a lot of my mental energy on where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going. I think for all of us, over the last year, our worlds have been turned upside down in some way. We’ve been forced to either sulk in it or find and create the good. For me, 2020 felt like my world got turned right side up in a lot of ways. Maybe I got too attached to that happening though, because these past few months I feel as if all the good I found is slipping away. I feel like I’m at that cross-roads of sulking in it or finding and creating the good in my own life experiences right now.

No one ever talks about how hard finding the good is sometimes. How sure, when one door closes another opens, but searching for that other door is the real hurdle. I feel like I’ve spent some heavy time searching lately. Searching to find some more good things in my life and in the world. I keep getting caught up on feeling like everything is just kind of grey in the world right now. That there are so many toxic cycles in the world that we keep trying to break, but they’re just not getting broken. I know focusing on that isn’t healthy and just keeps me stuck, but it’s hard stuff.

I refuse to let this feeling and “cross-roads” break my spirit though. Feeling as if doors are constantly closing is common in my life. It’s so easy for me to get caught up and stay hurt about it. I’m kind of tired of that. Searching. If I can’t find the good in things, I’ll just start doing my best to create good things for myself. If all we keep seeing and finding in life is bad or not for us maybe that’s a sign for us to create it. To be the authentically good intentioned people and do the good intentional things in the world or for ourselves or in our own little pocket of the universe. If everything else is bad why can’t we be good? Well human nature, I guess. But also, there just has to be better ways than how everything is being done in the world and in our personal lives. There are so many different toxic patterns on macro and micro levels that can’t seem to be broken, there just has to be a way out of it.

Maybe I’m turning my small scale life problems into global problems at this point. Kidding. I’m saying that I don’t think I have to keep waiting for the right situations to line up for me perfectly for me before I can start doing everything I want. And you don’t either. Dreams and “goals” are just ideas until you take action. Read that again. I know, the right action always seems to be the hardest part.

Me taking action to create my own good in my life and in my little pocket of the virtual world is going to be offering virtual yoga classes and teachings. Spending time practicing and studying yoga has been one of the best things that has happened for my brain and life. That shouldn’t have to stop just because my teacher training program is over. Or If I really want to stay a human that travels around the world forever. It shouldn’t only be limited to the humans physically around me, but my virtual community of like minded people, who I think yoga could be really beneficial for.

That’s it, that’s my big announcement and my insightful thoughts behind it. I am still in the works of setting it all up and figuring out the ropes of offering online yoga classes and teachings. I’m excited about it and cannot wait to share my yoga knowledge with new people and all of you. My “release date” for sales and classes is next Wednesday, April 21st! So if you’re interested in yoga, keep an eye out for that! It’ll be super fun and I am so excited!

If you don’t already (& if you want too) follow me on instagram @therecklessnomad – updates and more yoga and mental health things.

How excited are you?!


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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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