Mental Health and Consistency

I think of consistency as a way to help stay grounded and connected to everything around me.

Hello friends of the interweb,

It’s your girl here, back with some insights on the human brain. I haven’t been feeling very creative with my blogging content lately. Big changes are happening in my personal life and it’s got my creative juices a bit blocked. However, I know how good consistency is at keeping those creative juices flowing. So, I’m going to share some ways different ways in which consistency has helped me with my mental health.

I know, I know, I used to be (sometimes I still am) the first to roll my eyes whenever someone suggest me put more routines in place. Mostly because I don’t want to ever feel like my brain is a robot that runs on autopilot. Fear of becoming dogmatic and bored…..boring. However, in my most recent months I’ve noticed how doing specific things on a consistent basis has helped my mental health significantly, especially doing those things when everything else in my world feels like it is changing.

It’s not so much as doing things in a rigid order that helps. It’s consistently doing the small things in my life that help. It’s the practicing yoga multiple days a week, sitting in meditation everyday, or even going to get my daily iced coffee. It’s a little assurance that even though the world is on fire, I still have these things I do that give me a little comfort and help organize the chaos.

I notice when I skip the little things multiple days in a row I start to feel a little icky, like my brain has extra chaos going on. More mind spinning, if you will. If you’ve ever read the book (or perhaps heard about it) “Make Your Bed. Little Things That Can Change your Life…and Maybe The World” by William H. McRaven, that’s kind of the whole theme of the book. Being consistent in small things, helps handle the curve balls of life a little better. That’s something I try to incorporate in my daily life, no matter where I am. Making my bed. Every single morning. And if I am having a day where it just doesn’t happen, I try to lose my judgment about not getting it done, and make it before going back to bed. Because maybe those little hiccups keep my brain from becoming a “robot”.

I’m sure by now you’re probably thinking “okay, yeah but I do a lot of little things everyday and I still feel like I am in utter chaos”. I feel this too sometimes, but here’s how it’s actually helping you. Silly example with brushing teeth – most of us brush our teeth regularly, even if it’s completely on autopilot. It is something that you know is good for you, probably makes you feel better, and gives a little comfort knowing your breath won’t be awful in that face-mask you have to wear later haha. Even if you’re not thinking about those reasons while you’re doing it, it’s helping you. For me (and lot of others, I’m sure) brushing our teeth at consistent times of the day helps kind of keep my brain from going into utter chaos. I am not thinking “wait did I do this” or “I should do this then this”. It also helps me get through depression, letting those things I do consistently just be the goal for the day when everything else feels like too much. I do it when I first wake up and first go to bed along with a series of other things. Silly example that most of us probably do, but easy to follow with how it helps.

With time I think you experiment with different and creative little things. For instance, I have weeks at a time where I do little things in the morning to make it more enjoyable (listening to music, lighting a candle, opening the blinds, etc). I know it may sound like simple little things to some people, but sometimes humans forget how all those little things do make a difference.

The big things that I’ve been doing on the regular are staying hydrated, practicing yoga, journaling….those three things sound so simple, but really make an impact on my brain. Kind of like how different plants consistently need different amounts of light, water, or soil changes to grow…different people need consistency with different things, at different levels to grow.

It’s the same concept with Mantras, repeating something over and over to help change the little parts of your brain that make you believe the opposite of the mantra. It changes your thinking pattern to hep you get where you want to go. It’s all about perspective.

I’m curious if anyone else has anything they do consistently that may seem different from the norm, but really helps? Or if anyone else has ever noticed impacts from doing things consistently in your life?

Let me know in the comments or reach out on insta @therecklessnomad

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website.

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