5 ways yoga has improved my travel

I know, I know you’ve probably heard it before, “yoga is sooo good for you”. But why is that really? And what really happens that makes it so good for you? Well friends, there are a plethora of answers to those questions and the reasons vary by person. Go, figure. But for those interested…I’m going to share with you the improvements I’ve seen in my travel since taking my yoga mat with me while on the road.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t experience the benefits of practicing yoga is because they give up before they get what they want. A huge part of yoga is consistency, the more consistent the practice, the more contentment you’re probably going to find. Why am I telling you this? Because I know there are some travelers or travel yogis out there who don’t practice while traveling. It becomes a challenge or you’re on vacation and just don’t want to do the “work”. I don’t blame you, I’ve been one of those yogis too.

However, I’ve recently began practing yoga consitently while also traveling and you guys, it’s a game changer. It really has improved the way I feel while traveling and I have to share the details with you. That’s my thing anyway, oversharing to strangers on the internet in hopes it helps them. A girls gotta do what she thinks she’s gotta do.

Here are the top 5 ways that practinging yoga while traveling has improved my travel experiences;

1. Better sleep

I don’t care how much you love to travel, sleep can be a real problem when you’re in a new place. Wanna know why? The human brain is programed to not be fully asleep in new places. For me personally, sleeping and traveling is a struggle. And lack of sleep can make me a little cranky and not enjoy things as much. However, I noticed that when I was in NOLA (a town I’ve never been to), I was getting full nights sleep. That’s huge for me and made for a more fun experience.

2. My body likes me better

What does that mean? No more restless leg syndrome! I can’t be the only one who struggles with this while traveling. Being cooped up in a car or plane for hours makes my legs (and other parts of my body) angry. However, the dedicated time I took after driving to do some poses (along with the rest stop yoga I’ve been trying to implement) really did wonders. And if I’m being honest, not having to deal with RLS ever again is worth doing yoga every day in my opinion.

3. More adaptive to changes

You’d think I wouldn’t call travel stressful as someone who seeks it out and has done so much of it, but it can be. It’s kind of unavoidable at times, because we don’t really know all the details of things until they happen. Ya know, like the unexpected things that come along with travel. Delay in a flight or drive. Unexpected events. Or the unanticipated energetic drainage from a time change or being in a more populated city. However, I realized last week after my trip got pushed back, I didn’t feel nearly as stressed or panicked about rearranging my plans like I typically do. A win.

4, I’m more present and appreciative

Okay maybe this is just me…but does anyone else struggle with worrying about all the little details of their trip that they realize they aren’t fully taking in the vibes, sights, and people around them? Yoga is all about being present. That practice every day while traveling is the reminder to be present that I need to help me really be captivated by the sights and experiences around me. I felt like I had a new appreciation for being somewhere different.

5. I have more energy to see the sights and do the things

Travel can be exhausting for anyone. I often have to take 2 big naps a day when I travel (at least for the first few days in a new place). Usually because my body is just exhausted from time changes and going. However, when I would meditate and do vinyasa flows first thing in the morning, I noticed my energy lasted longer. I had energy to explore and do the things well into the evening, without napping! Giving me the energy I always want to be able to do all the things with limited time.

Everyone is different and experiences things differently. What helps me might not help you in the same way. It’s worth entertaining the idea though. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little insight and maybe even feel inspired to start a practice or take that trip you’ve been wanting to take. Or practice yoga on that trip!

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I'm not. Sharing my soul journey. You can find my yoga teachings and insights on my brain over on my website. therecklessnomad.com

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