Rating the Floors of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa

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If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures, you probably remember I was in Nashville just a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share some insights of the newest and coolest place in Nashville (in my opinion anyway), Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa. If you’re also someone who has a secret love for country music, this post just might be your cup of tea.

I have a deep love for Miranda Lamberts music steaming back to my early middle school days. So, accidentally stumbling across this new gem of a place she opened in Nashville, The Casa Rosa, was pure luck. (I guess at this point in my life I’m supposed to accept nothing is an accident anymore haha.) Any who, I feel inspired to leave a review detailing & rating the different floors of this Tex-Mex + Cantina incase any of you are looking for some new travel spots.

Ground Level/Entrance

The pink neon entrance signifies the first female country artist owned bar + restaurant on Broadway. Walking past the red rope and through the doors will lead you to a small space, holding a dark bar on the left, with a merch shop to your right (where you can find all the goodies). Walking forward leads you to a small live music set up and branching off to the right, a stunning staircase leading you to the upper floors.

We found it was a solid place to vibe and hangout while we waited to be seated for dinner. Overall it served as a small taste of what the rest of the floors had to offer.

Rating: 6/10

A peak at the first floor

Level Two (restaurant)

Iconic photo wall
Veggie Tacos!

At the top of the staircase you’ll find a yellow rose photo wall on the right, which I theorize will become the new iconic Nashville instagram photo. Turning left leads you to a full restaurant and bar. The pink booths and display items make you feel like you’re somewhere in Texas, setting the mood for your dinner options. A full tex-mex menu welcomes you, I opted for the veggies tacos, & they were delicious if I might add.

A great place to eat before a night out or a pit-stop before hitting the upper levels.

Rating 8/10

Level 3: (dance floor + more)

Past the future iconic photo wall there’s a small staircase, with a cowgirl Miranda themed mural that leads you to the third (& my favorite) floor. The Miranda Lambert Live neon sign houses the multi level dance floor below. A great place to dance and hang out.

Leading off to the side of the dance floor houses a small terrance area, giving you a gorgeous view of the city and a place to get a breath of fresh air. Back inside and in front of the dance floor houses another bar area for all of your dance encouragement needs.

This was my favorite floor and where I personally had the most fun. Possibly being because it was my first club like experience post-lockdown.

Rating: 10/10

Level 4: (overlook + private lounge)

A small staircase leads you up to the fourth and final floor. Which houses a small bar and a nice overlook of the dance floor (which also serves as a live stage when people perform). Past the bar looked to be a roped off vip lounge, filled with pretty booths and dark neon vibes.

A nice place to take a break from people and vibe. Vibing is also a favorite hobby of mine haha.

Rating: 7/10

Regardless if you love country music or are just visiting Nashville, I highly recommend checking this out. It’s good food, good music, and a heck of a good vibe. It also radiates feminine energy which I feel like is often lacking in downtown Nashville. If you want to check it out sometime, I’ll leave the link to the website: you can check it out by clicking here.

I hope you guys found this new topic fun and feel inspired to try new things!


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