Hi Friends of the internet,

I’m Haley, welcome to me explaining myself and my website to you.

I am a twenty-something free spirit who teaches yoga and drinks way too much iced coffee. Previously a grad student with plans of an academic career. Or a life off the grid in a foreign country… But ya know, not everything we plan for in life is for us.

I’ve always had a wanderlust spirit. I took my first trip abroad, alone, in my early twenties to Nepal. On that trip the travel bug bit me, I couldn’t stop feeling like there’s more to life and I wanted to find it. I soon found myself unable to care about school and I couldn’t sit still. I eventually ended up on a crazy few year stint of wondering around the world and the states. Within that journey I started The Reckless Nomad as a blog to share my adventurous journey and to seek out others who were doing similar things. Throughout my life I have struggled a lot with my mental health and healing trauma, breaking the stigma around mental illness has also become a huge piece of my life and of this blog. At times roaming around felt like living recklessly in response to mood swings and big emotions. It wasn’t though and it was so much more than I could ever explain. It has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, leading me to have some incredible experiences and self-realizations.

Lucky for me, after lame attempts of wanting to deepen my yoga journey in the past, AKA wanting to travel the world instead. In 2020 I landed my feet in a year of yoga teacher training. Going through a 1000hr training program at Hilltop Yoga in Lansing, MI. Instead of yoga being something I fell in and out of practicing every few weeks…I was emerged in it (& still am). While the entire world was on lockdown, I so luckily got to spend time practicing, learning, and having a virtual yogic community. I can honestly say, it was an incredible experience and gave me some of the most profound realizations.

I’m still learning and growing, a student of life forever. That includes with yoga too. In the eight-limb practice of yoga, there are the niyama’s (inward yoga “practices” observances). One of these niyama’s is svadhyaya (self-study). For me, writing out my thoughts, experiences, insights, and rants on this blog is a form of self-study.

Naturally I want to share all the things that have helped me, which includes yoga. As I went through a teacher training during the time of a global pandemic and everything being forced to switch virtually. A lot of my early teaching experiences were virtual yoga and practicing yoga alone in my bedroom (or in hotel rooms if I as traveling). It made me realize how beneficial virtual yoga can be for those of us who travel or can’t get to a class, but want more personalized or traditional based classes. I also realized during this past year how beneficial virtual yoga offerings can be for people who struggle with their mental health (social anxiety, mood swings, etc. etc.). I know how hard it is sometimes to get out of the house somedays. We know “yoga” or anything evolving human interaction and moving would be good for us, but our mental health some can make it impossible somedays for some of us.. Virtual classes can be a good medium for that. While I think in human classes are way more fun haha, I think virtual yoga classes have place, which is why I opted to start virtual yoga offerings via this blog. Well that and a billion other reasons.

A bit more on my yoga teachings…the virtual classes I teach are coming from me and from my home or wherever I am in the world (maybe a hotel room or a random park), because It’s something that can be practiced and taught anywhere. Not just in four walls. As I teach and share I always do my best to honor the the lineage of the yoga practice and teach from a soul space and not an ego space. I do my best to honor all eight limbs of the practice when I share as well. As well as guide you in ways that are safe for your body.

Anywho, that’s enough about me and the overly drawn out details of my life to strangers on the internet haha. Hopefully it’s helping someone though.

Thanks for reading and maybe I’ll see you in a class soon.