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Someone once told me to never stop writing, so I’m not.

mental health check in

Greetings internet creatures, in an attempt to inspire and keep things interesting. I’m going to give a little mental health update. I’ve been pondering a lot about life. About how grateful I am that I’m not where I used to be, but how I still have so much to learn. The past two mornings I…

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Fresh Perspective

Greeting friends of the inter web! Cheers to starting a new trip around the sun. In light of new things, I thought I would try this new thing where I just write about whatever comes to my mind, share guided meditations, and more fun/creative stuff. Since this does take up a little bit more of…

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2020 End of Year Review

Howdy internet friends, It’s been a week or so since I’ve posted, I’ll blame it on the Holidays even though I don’t really do much. Anywho, what better way to start off a new trip around the sun than with a reflection on the pervious year. Thanksgiving I wrote about how grateful I was for…

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The Way We See The World

I’ve been struggling lately for topics to write about. Sure, there are endless possibilities of topics, but the only thing my brain can muster up the energy to write about is a sort of reflection on traveling, looking back at past decisions and being so incredibly lucky that I made them. This isn’t coming from…

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Not So Jolly

Greetings friends of the internet! Thanks for stumbling your way to my blog. With the holiday season upon us, I can’t seem to have anything on my mind other than annoyance and grumpy emotions. With that said, I am dedicating an entire post to what’s going on in my mind during this not-so-jolly season, because…

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Being a Human

nine thousand three hundred and ninety two days on this planet and I still don’t like it. Hi, I’m Haley and welcome to my blog. The blog that started out as a documentation of a wandering life, but has turned into more of a journal entry the past few weeks. Maybe it’s because I feel…

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Grateful For 2020

I know, controversial, nothing is supposed to make us feel grateful right now. I get it. Usually around this time of year my social media is full of people posting why they are grateful every week and I am usually mega annoyed by it (thinking we should always be grateful). However, I am not seeing…

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