Rating the Floors of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa

Howdy Howdy friends of the interweb, If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures, you probably remember I was in Nashville just a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share some insights of the newest and coolest place in Nashville (in my opinion anyway), Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa. If you’re also someone who has […]

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The nature of self-study

Greetings friends of the inter-web. Even though I’ve been giving you a glimpses of what I’ve been up to, I haven’t quite given you a life update recently. I’ve been so caught up with sharing information and working on building the foundation for a virtual yoga community that I haven’t spent time to reflect. If […]

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5 ways yoga has improved my travel

I know, I know you’ve probably heard it before, “yoga is sooo good for you”. But why is that really? And what really happens that makes it so good for you? Well friends, there are a plethora of answers to those questions and the reasons vary by person. Go, figure. But for those interested…I’m going […]

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What are Chakras and Why you should care about them

You know those days when you’re feeling way off, but can’t seem to find an explantation as to why? Well, it could very much be related to your energy being out of whack. A few weeks back I made a post about the manipura chakra and it’s relationship with our self-esteem, but I now realize […]

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