Category: Water Signs

Self-Love & Svadhyaya

Greetings Friends of the Inter-web I haven’t been feeling the best and most focused lately. My emotions are all over the place and everything just feels chaotic. I know we’ve all been feeling it lately. I blame Mercury being in Retrograde, but I’m sure the state of the world has something to do with it.…

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Avoidable Pain

I’m not sure when my blog posts turned from traveling the world into traveling through my emotions, but welcome to the journey. I’m also not sure if writing out my feelings out on the internet to strangers is brave and helpful. Maybe it’s seen as weak and whiney. Maybe it’s a vulnerable effort to not…

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Fresh Perspective

Greeting friends of the inter web! Cheers to starting a new trip around the sun. In light of new things, I thought I would try this new thing where I just write about whatever comes to my mind, share guided meditations, and more fun/creative stuff. Since this does take up a little bit more of…

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