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Don’t Feel Like Waiting? Get Started with my pre-recorded options below (new every week).

Chakra Reset

Aimed to help cleanse your energy system of all the gunk that life can cause.
All levels of yogis welcome. Class will be a combination of movement (asana) and breath work (pranayama). Class is pre-recorded and the video should load once you hit purchase. New classes every week. If you’re interested in joining but want to learn more about the chakra system. Check out my blog post about the chakras here.

Live Meditation

Class description:

Join me on 9:30am (est) on Wednesday morning for a little middle of the week vibe session.
You do not have to be baked to enjoy this meditation. Simply there for those who would like the extra chill. (I know some call this cheating, but yoga is different for everyone). Class will be a live on zoom and will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

To join, purchase here.

Once purchased, the zoom link to join will appear.

If you want something else, you can schedule a private with me. My scheduling options are available here

What to expect?

Yoga is different for everyone. So, try not to judge yourself and keep your mind open. Expect to receive a zoom link or recording from me. Or you’ll be able to view the classes above on this page after purchasing. The recordings are all through vimeo.

Once you’re ready to to the class either live or via the recording….set up a practice space: have a mat or blanket or whatever you have that works for you and a decent amount of open space around you.Set up your device (maybe with a charger) to play near your practice space. Being able to hear my voice is the most important thing, you don’t always need to see me. Click play or sign in…..and then practice.